A Celebration of Oil & Gas

Welcome to West Virginia's multi-site museum highlighting the history and present day impact of oil and gas in the Appalachian Basin, the largest reserve of oil and gas in the world.

Our goal: to portray the rich and impactful history that the industry has played in our region. Our constantly growing collection of oil and gas artifacts, regional industry exhibits, and Civil War memorabilia give visitors a unique experience as they learn about this vital resource.

Blending some of the oldest oil and gas artifacts in existence with current displays of how revolutionary the industry has become, we offer a valuable insight into the ever-changing oil and gas business.

This nationally recognized museum presents the intriguing history of the oil and gas industry, including how the accumulation of wealth from oil impacted West Virginia statehood.

In recent years, the industry has gone through paradigm geopolitical changes impacting international relations, national policy, markets and technology. Our museum is dedicated to the guardianship of the oil and gas industry's heritage from Where It All Began, to where it is today, and where it's headed tomorrow.

We've been at this for over twenty years; come join us as we continue to enhance our facilities to grow with the industry!

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