Our Historic building needs some refinements

We're drilling down to the easy stuff, fracking the more difficult areas, refining what we find, and sending it downstream through the Oil and Gas Museum pipeline!

We've reorganized the display in the yard (big shoutout to Dominion Energy for their efforts!!

Future projects include a new visitor elevator, improved lighting, and an upgraded HVAC system.

But first, we desperately need help with our windows!

We plan to restore each of our 83 historical windows. The average cost per window is $1000.

May we restore a window in your name? Part of a window? You could help with one pane for $250 and 2 panes for $500.

If you don't do windows, you can still help with an amount that's comfortable for you.

Sponsoring all or part of a window will earn you a place of honor in the museum.

Thank you for your support! Come visit us soon!!

How to Help

If you'd like to donate by check, please download this form and include the payment stub with your check.

If you prefer using a credit card, simply click the Donate button below. A PayPal account is not required to make this donation.