Henderson Hall - A Living Legacy

Henderson Hall is a living legacy to the pioneers and patriots who walked its halls through an unbroken chain of five generations.

Clan progenitor, Scottish-born Alexander Henderson Sr. arrived in Virginia in the 1700s serving in the House of Burgesses and as a member of the committee appointed to decide boundary lines that still exist today between Maryland and Virginia. Henderson counted such historic icons as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Mason and George Washington among his acquaintances. It was on advice of his friend George Washington, that Henderson bought 25,000 acres in western Virginia, and sent three of his sons to the then wilderness that was the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Henderson brothers Alexander and John played a key role in thwarting the treasonous exploits of Aaron Burr. The brothers turned in Harman Blennerhassett and Burr when Blennerhassett tried to recruit the Henderson's to become part of Burr's scheme. The Henderson's reported the plot to family friends President Jefferson and Secretary of State Madison and alerted local militia. In the archives of Henderson Hall is a letter from Dumfries native John Graham, who was dispatched by Jefferson to investigate Burr's activities, thanking the Henderson's for the integral part they played in foiling Burr's plot.

G.W. Henderson married Elizabeth Ann Tomlinson. Educated at Ohio University, G.W. studied law at Marietta College and served at the 1861 Wheeling Convention. G.W. remained loyal to the Union during the Civil War even though the family had slaves and the family in Virginia joined the Confederacy. G.W. built what is today Henderson Hall.

The 29-room perfectly preserved Victorian-era Italianate style River Road Henderson mansion which stands on a terrace overlooking the Ohio River was completed in 1859 using brick, stone and timber from the Henderson property.

Need to Know

The house, grounds and Henderson family cemetery is designated the Henderson Hall Historic District and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

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